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For the best job in Picton. 

Welcome to Cortado Restaurant & Bar, nestled in the picturesque Marlborough Sounds of New Zealand. It's a delightful venue where you can gather with friends to savor a fine bottle of wine and indulge in delectable cuisine and Picton Hospitality at it's best.

Our dedicated team possesses a deep-seated passion for the hospitality industry and the unique Cortado culture we've cultivated. We want you to have the best job in Picton, so we hold qualities like honesty, integrity, loyalty, and a keen sense of humor in high regard, both among ourselves and in our interactions with our valued guests. Our close-knit local community is both vibrant and dear to us, and we take pride in being an integral part of the Picton hospitality culture. Our patrons return time and time again, drawn by our consistent ability to surprise and delight.

We place a premium on professional growth and encourage each team member to actively seek out opportunities for learning and development. Taking ownership of one's learning journey and sharing knowledge with others, we continuously push boundaries and support one another's growth, both professionally and personally. 

At the heart of our philosophy is the belief in nurturing the potential of every team member, fostering an environment where excellence is the standard. We're committed to ensuring that no one feels stagnant in their roles, offering ongoing coaching to enhance business acumen and providing access to both in-house and external professional development opportunities for those who demonstrate the drive and dedication. 

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